At MMA, we understand that enterprise growth and expansion comes with inherent risks. Our approach is to achieve the best result for the client as quickly as possible. We have sharpened our experience over the past 10 years in dispute resolution, encompassing litigation, arbitration, and mediation.
We represent a diverse range of clients, including governments (both national and local), parastatals, state corporations, private companies, and individuals. We take a methodical approach to litigation, carefully analyzing issues, conducting extensive research, and developing a winning strategy. Over the years, we have successfully defended claims worth approximately $1 Billion.
Recognizing that litigation is just one part of a larger business strategy, we evaluate early exit options to minimize costs, including alternative dispute resolution, and settlement. Our team is adept at handling out-of-court negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. In complex commercial disputes, we bring in sector-specific and subject matter experts to provide specialized expertise, ensuring that our clients’ needs are protected even at the negotiation table.

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