Our team of experienced lawyers combines industry knowledge with legal expertise to provide practical and effective solutions for our clients’ legal needs in the Banking and Financial Services subsector. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and the successful outcomes we have delivered for our clients over the years.Our expertise in the Banking and Financial Services subsector covers a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

High-Yield Transactions:

We offer sound legal counsel to cover high-yield transactions that secure financing for clients to cover buyouts, mergers, asset-based loans (ABL), acquisition, and working capital.

Regulatory Compliance:

Our team provides sector-specific services, including regulatory compliance, defense against citations by regulators, dispute resolution, private financing, securitization, loan restructuring, and redemption.

Training Services:

We curate training curriculums for banks in Kenya through partnership with the Kenya Institute of Bankers, training senior banking officials on regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering.

Project Financing:

Our lawyers bring sound legal opinions on project financing proposals, review contracts, and negotiate investment agreements on behalf of our clients, ensuring value for money.

Syndications and Term Sheets:

We advise on loan syndications and term sheets for public-private partnership projects, having provided guidance on transactions valued at over USD 400 million.

Cross-border Transactions:

We represent clients in private cross-border debentures, having successfully advised clients in transactions worth $495 million.

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