At MMA, we understand that enterprise growth and expansion comes with inherent risks. Our approach is to achieve the best result for the client as quickly as possible. We have sharpened our experience over the past 10 years in dispute resolution, encompassing litigation, arbitration, and mediation.
We view ourselves first and foremost as enterprise enabling lawyers. We approach our clients’ legal issues within the larger framework of their strategic, business, and financial goals.This mindset enables us to partner with entrepreneurs and business clients from an early-stage, providing practical advice on structuring and capital raising, as well as in key mission-critical areas affecting their business,
Our team of experienced lawyers combines industry knowledge with legal expertise to provide practical and effective solutions for our clients’ legal needs in the Banking and Financial Services subsector. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and the successful outcomes we have delivered for our clients over the years.
With the rapidly growing intersection of finance and technology, MMA has taken deliberate steps in developing a portfolio of expertise in advising both financial and technology companies on the evolving legal, licensing, and regulatory dimensions related to legally securing financial technology, commercial digital payment gateways and channels integration.
We are at the center of honest real estate investments in the country advising clients, developers and regulators in the construction sector on the most dynamic and complex transactions in the industry. Our clients benefit from our deep market knowledge of deal terms and structures, and they benefit from our experience representing all stakeholders across real estate transactions.
In rapidly changing democratic contexts that alter Government structures, our expertise in public policy, regulatory, and government practice remains constant. We help clients navigate the ever changing political, government bureaucracy and regulatory landscape because we know the movers and shakers when transitions happen.
As corporate governance and sustainability are core to shareholder value and trust, we offer a supportive approach to business planning and shareholder engagement. We go beyond simply looking at the legal aspects in structuring corporate governance policies and look into the pragmatic and commercial perspectives enabling our clients to be well aware of blind spots in processes,
The ubiquitous nature of the internet and digital platforms for corporate engagement has increased the risks that come from violation of privacy and cyber threats. As enterprises become more digitally driven, data breaches, organised malware, phishing and defacing attacks, digital espionage threats and disinformation pose serious risks to business enterprises.
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